SOLVED: When I try to link my PSN/XBL account to my Epic account, it says that my PSN/XBL account is already linked to an Epic account.

A while back I realized that my Xbox Live account was associated with someone else’s Epic Games account. Because of this, I could not play Fortnite on my Xbox. Despite all of my searching, and learning that there are many people with the same issue, I learned that Epic didn’t have an answer either.

Their website only has one answer on the topic, and it has nothing to do with the question.

If you contact their customer support, they simply respond with a copy + paste template, of the same message, regardless of my response. After the fourth time,I lost all hope. This is a prime example of why you should not outsource your customer service — it is the first contact your customers have with your company, and if it is a bad experience, they’ll remember. I played PUBG for months instead of this game for this simple reason.

How to unlink your account

Problem: You cannot link your Xbox live account if someone already has it connected, unless you log in to their Epic Games account.

Solution: Log into their account. Here’s how.

On your PC, open the Epic Games launcher. Log-in with your Xbox Live credentials. In the top-right corner of the launcher, you’ll see the words Manage Your Account. Click that, and it will open the Epic Games website from your browser.

At that point, you’ll be logged in as the individual who has your Xbox Live account linked. From there, you can unlink your account.




25 thoughts on “SOLVED: When I try to link my PSN/XBL account to my Epic account, it says that my PSN/XBL account is already linked to an Epic account.

  1. How do you log into that other person’s account when you don’t know their password? Somehow, my account got linked to another person’s account with a similar email address. I can’t log into their account because I don’t know their password.

  2. It’s making me basically create a new Epic Games account when I try to login with my Xbox Live credentials, even though I already have one. Usually you get one of those options to login with existing credentials, but not here. It looks like it is forcing me to create a new account and that will just compound the mess.

      • Okay, if you’re being asked to create a new account when you login to Epic Games with XBox Live credentials, you need to create a new account with DIFFERENT email address than your Xbox Live account uses. Then, log into the new Epic Games Account from the Epic Games site, go into Account Management and unlink it from your XBox Live account. Then log into your actual Epic Games account that you want to link to, and you will now be able to link your XBox Live account with your Epic Games account.

  3. I can log into the other person’s account via my Xbox account but it will not let me “unlink” it because it wants to send a verification email to that random account…. I have no way of verifying the email to get the account released.

  4. I have an Xbox live account. My son played Fortnite on it and bought stuff in Fortnite. Now he wants to use his own Xbox live account. I want to switch XBL account but Epic won’t let me link the account to my son’s xbl accoucnt even though I unlinked my xbl account from the epic account. Why? How could I do this?

    • Did you ever get this fixed. I’m so over fortnite for their lack of help and extremely long waits between emails. I’m there needs to be a fix.

    • If you unlink an Epic Games account from an XBox Live account, you are NOT allowed to link your Epic Games account to a different XBox Live account. This is to prevent people “selling” Epic Games accounts to other users and letting them link their XBox Live account.

  5. Thank you so much!! This was our problem and I would never have figured that out. I have no idea how the xbox live account got associated with it in the first place! Very strange.

  6. so the real problem here is the account is tied to some email address that does NOT exist – and epic wants you to VERIFY that email address before letting you disconnect the account, it’s a vicious circle and an absolutely asinine process. I own the xbox, I can log in with my LIVE credentials, but fortnite is somehow tied to an email address my daughter used like 3 or 4 years ago from a school we no longer attend. What an idiotic way to lock an account. Shame on EPIC for this and honestly shame on microsoft for allowing that type of account control on their own platform.

  7. I’m having this same issue. I tried logging into epic with my xbox live account, and its asking me to create an epic games account. I have an epic games account already. I dont want to create another one. Anybody find a fix to this issue?

  8. My problem is i’m trying to connect my PSN account to my Epic Games one. But when I press connect account, it says ” This Epic account was previously linked to a different external account. It can only be relinked to the old external account and not a new one.

  9. I was able to get to to work. if it claims you have an xbox linked already and then you click to sign in with xbox credentials…. to then say you have two create it… you have to do this

    create the new epic games account with a NEW email…. one not linked to anything
    then sign in with that new email.
    right hand upper corner… Click your new name
    go to account
    left hand side… click connections
    Unlink xbox

    sign into your REAL epic account
    and now link your xbox

    its so stupid but it worked for me.

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