GGDA Atlanta: Developing Xbox, Console & Mixed Reality Games


My talk for the Georgia Game Developer’s Association last month is now on YouTube. Thanks again for the opportunity!

The game development landscape in 2018 is vast, with handheld devices, consoles, PC, and even mixed reality. With so much out there, it can be staggering to get started, even if you’re a veteran.

During this talk you’ll hear about not only the technical aspects of releasing a title for one of Microsoft’s man platforms, but also what Sony and Nintendo require to release for the Switch and PlayStation 4. I’ll cover everything from the ESRB and PEGI ratings, to the various engines and frameworks you can utilize to build for both consoles and mixed reality platforms alike.

A construction worker turned Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, that makes Dave a geek who speaks. This role has Dave breaking down complex technical subjects into content that everyone can understand. Previously, Dave was a Senior Software Engineer at Comcast, where he worked on the Product Development team, and specifically on the Xbox consoles. Most of Dave’s work as of late has him building machine learning models and deploying infrastructure with Docker and Kubernetes.



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