Docker container running a flask web server for image classification using Scikit-Learn

I just returned from one of Microsoft’s Open Hack events in Toronto, where we coded alongside engineers from several other companies across the region. Link to the GitHub repository One of the challenges required that we’d be able to deploy a trained model to Azure, which would expose an HTTP endpoint. From there, we’d be…


Azure for startups

Azure for Startups GitHub repo was recently launched to help startups understand and engage with the Azure products and services most relevant to them. The repo includes targeted tutorials, code samples, templates and documentation – both unique content created by the Startup Evangelism team specifically for startups, as well as links to relevant content on…


Creating Digital Portfolios GaymerX East 2016

Tobiah Zarlez & I illustrate how to create digital portfolios by creating websites on Azure to showcase your work. Twitter: Web: ———————– @DaveVoyles Subscribe to my startup, tech, and game dev newsletter


Small sample for using the camera on a Xamain.Forms app

View the source on GitHub. I put together a brief sample, largely based off of James Montemango’s Plugin.Media extension for Xamarin.Forms. I just wanted to quickly test out Xamarin’s camera functionality, so I built this. In the future, I’ll add support for Azure Blob Storage, which would allow you to upload the image to the…