Azure for startups

Azure for Startups
GitHub repo was recently launched to help startups understand and engage with the Azure products and services most relevant to them. The repo includes targeted tutorials, code samples, templates and documentation – both unique content created by the Startup Evangelism team specifically for startups, as well as links to relevant content on other sites.

This is a treasure trove of information! Examples of technical content include:

  • Migrating to Azure – tutorials on AWS migrations to Azure including: AWS VM to Azure VM, AWS RDS to Azure SQL, AWS S3 to Azure blob storage and others
  • Containers on Dockers – a tutorial and sample code on how to perform heavy computational tasks such as video or audio encoding and make the process scalable and cost effective using Docker containers.
  • Azure Notification Hub demo – a tutorial and sample code on how to deliver push notification messages to mobile applications on iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms using Azure Notification Hub


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