Azure overview presentation at Microsoft DC campus

2014-03-06 13.59.47

Today, my talented co-worker Yung Cho and I gave a day-long presentation on Azure, and how to take advantage of the cloud. I’m not nearly as proficient with Azure as he is, so it was great to have him there, and he really stole the show.

Microsoft made these free, one-day instructor-led workshops available in cities across the US to let you roll up your sleeves and get hands-on with Microsoft’s latest development tools and technologies.

2014-03-06 14.00.06

If you’re a developer looking to get started with the cloud, or perhaps are a start-up in the Philadelphia -> DC area working on some interesting projects, I’d love to talk to and help you get started with some free Microsoft software, training, and hardware.

You can find all of the slides, here:

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