Microsoft web (and cloud) camps across the US in January – April

Microsoft web camp

UPDATE: The New York date has been changed, and will now be Friday, March 13th at the Times Square office.

We’re hosting a series of web camps across the US in January. Specifically, I’ll be teaching camp at Chevy Chase, MD – Jan 19, and New York, NY – Jan 23.

Specifically, I’ll be covering ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Angular, and the web tools included in Visual Studio. We also have some hands on labs prepared for all of this content.

Sure, you coud watch Scott Hanselman and Jon Galloway talk about ASP.NET on video, but c’mon, you know it’s going to be more fun in person with me.

What about Azure and IT Pros?

There will be cloud camps as well, specifically focused on Azure, too. Here’s a link to those.

Upcoming WebCamps

East Region

City Date
New York 01/23
Pittsburgh 02/10
Cambridge 02/12
Atlanta (Alpharetta) 02/17
Miami 03/03
Philadelphia (Malvern) 03/19
Tampa 03/31
Charlotte 04/02
Atlanta (Alpharetta) 04/07
Reston 04/10
Cambridge 04/14
New York 03/13


You MUST bring a laptop to participate in this event. In addition, to participate in the labs or follow along with the demos please activate your free, 30-day Microsoft Azure trial subscription before you arrive. You’ll also need to download the WebCamps training kit.


Sign up

Here’s the page to get signed up


Cloud (Azure) Camps

We are also having Cloud (Azure) camps over the next several months too. Here are some dates for those:

Atlanta (Alpharetta) 02/19
Miami 02/24
Cambridge 02/24
Charlotte 02/26
New York 03/09
Raleigh/Durham 03/17
Hartford 03/26
Pittsburgh 03/31
Philadelphia (Malvern) 04/07
Atlanta (Alpharetta) 04/14
Chevy Chase 04/15
Iselin 04/16
Cambridge 04/23


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