Share your HoloLens app ideas, MSFT will make it live, open source


Starting today, Tuesday December 1st, we’re inviting developers to suggest ideas for apps they want to see on HoloLens. Microsoft will develop the community’s favorite idea into an open source sample. The campaign runs in three parts:

•      Idea Submission. December 1st-January 11th. Anyone can visit to suggest ideas and vote on ideas they like.

•      Voting. In January, we will select the three best ideas and put them up for a vote on Twitter.

•      Building. The app with the most votes will be built by a team from HoloLens Experience Studios over six weeks and we will open source the code.


This video explains it all:

 What is the goal of Share Your Idea? We’re doing this to help inform developers what is possible with Microsoft HoloLens, and help them learn how to develop for it. We want to share our knowledge with the community, and understand what information and support they will need when they start developing their own ideas. During the idea submission phase, we’ll be blogging about which ideas best take advantage of the differentiated capabilities of HoloLens, and how to build them.

Once the winning idea is identified, an experienced HoloLens development team comprised of designers, artists, and developers will build out the application and share the process with the community through weekly build reviews, Q&A sessions, and more. We aim to prepare developers to build applications for HoloLens, and give them confidence and the foundation to succeed.

You can see the ideas folks have submitted here. The most request item at the moment is a League of Legends match viewer! 

Personally, this is the game I want to see made:



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