Indie Dev Podcast: Ep 27 – Chris Love, Love2Dev

This week I am joined by Chris Love, who is a Microsoft MVP for 8 years ASP.NET and is now making the transition to the new category, front-end web dev.

Chris has an extensive background in web development, and specifically around performance, which is one reason I wanted to bring him on the show, but also to illustrate how his penchant for tracking information lead to a recent transformation. Chris lost 66 pounds in 108 days and wrote a book to illustrate how. After reading through it, I realized how meticulous in tracking his numbers through his Microsoft Band, but also with the Xbox Fitness app.

In this episode, we’ll discuss how developers can implement meaningful metrics into their apps to encourage repeat activity and tracking of such statistics.

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Topics discussed:

Path to Perf podcast [2:45] [10:45]

Radio Free Europe [11:20] [12:15]

Google kills Flash [14:30]

Yes, Fast Food Frameworks Cost Too Much [19:30]

Basel metabolic rate [35:15]

Microsoft Band [37:00]

Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption  [49:00]

Tabata workout [50:00]

J.J. Watts eats around 9k calories per day [54:00]

J.J. Watt Xbox Fitness [56:00]

Xbox Fitness [58:00]

HTTP Archive [1:12:00]

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