Once I used a motorized desk, I never looked back

I recently picked up a motorized desk after reading this review from Wirecutter . I wound up going with the Jarvis Standing Desk Frame ($525 at Amazon), then throwing a $29 IKEA  Linmon table top on it.

I also wanted to cover how I wired things up, to allow things to seamless transition between sitting and standing without tugging at the devices. I use nylon cable sleeves to bundle several cables together, thereby making it seem like there is only one fat cable there.

I also use a a $14 standing mat, which has saved my back.

In terms of an ergonomic chair, they are well worth the money. It’s too much for me to cover here, but worth taking your time to investigate.

Did I miss anything? Should I be using something else for cable management? Let me know!



2 thoughts on “Once I used a motorized desk, I never looked back

    • I could actually screw that in and hook it via the screw heads and the bottom of the power strip.

      Now if the velcro would arrive for those dangling batteries…

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