Key Points: The Intelligent Investor

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This is a short read (2.5 hours for the audiobook), and that’s a good thing. I say this because the author gets down to the basics, with practical examples, and along the way breaks down complicated terms into simple wordplay.

The book is geared towards novice and perhaps intermediate investors, and covers topics such as:
– Bonds
– Stock
– When to choose one over the other
– Avoiding “get rich quick” schemes
– Illustrates the value of index funds
– The value of holding securities over the long term

While much of this was the basics, it was reassuring to hear it over again from one of the best. This is likely why the book remains a staple in any investor’s repertoire.

I believe the author was at one point one of Warren Buffet’s professors, and later a colleague. Despite being a very old book at this point, it has been consistently updated every few years, and aside for a handful of businesses highlighted, you would never know that it was authored outside of the current generation.

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