Microsoft Reactors—in a league of their own


I was part of the launch team behind Microsoft’s Reactor in Philadelphia back in November. Recently, our public sector (government) team had an opportunity to write about our three spaces across the United States, including San Francisco, New York, and Philadelphia.

You can find that article here.

From the article:


Philadelphia Microsoft ReactorOpened right before the Democratic National Convention, I was excited when the Philadelphia Reactor came to my hometown and officially opened Nov. 3, leading Philadelphia Magazine to call the Reactor “in a league of its own.”

Dave Voyles has been based at the Reactor from the start, supporting local developers, building relationships with young companies and providing a vendor-neutral space for civic events. A collaboration of Microsoft, SeventySix Capital, the University City Science Center and Wexford Science + Technology, the Philadelphia Reactor has received widespread praise from the 1,000-plus developers, startups and community members who have graced its doors in its first four months. “It’s been a success largely because of how many people are returning and the value they’re getting,” Voyles said. SeventySix Capital has hosted several events with its portfolio companies, including a half-day session with StartUp Health for healthcare leaders from across the country and a discussion on the impact of technology on sports, with representatives from the Philadelphia Eagles and Whistle Sports. Stimulus, a minority-owned business led by Tiffanie Stanard, was the Reactor’s first startup in residence and drives traffic by helping other young companies find grants and investments for sustainable social impact work. Startups Red Queen Gaming and Philly Dev Night also work out of the Reactor.

Biggest impact? Providing a landing spot for young companies until they find permanent co-working space. “We want to start companies here, and (help them) stay and grow in the region,” Voyles said, calling the Reactor “a space for not only technical communities but also educators, community leaders—for all of Philadelphia. With our partnerships … we can make Philadelphia a truly viable market for startups and technology.”



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