XBLIG Summer Uprising

Xbox Live Indie developers are at it again, to successfully promote their platform, as well as some of the best and most diverse titles found on it. I issued a press release today stating that we are looking for developers to submit titles to be considered for the upcoming promotion. Additionally, anyone who would like to assist with the marketing campaign is encourage to take part as well. Our goal is to raise consumer awareness of the platform and display some of the best and most diverse titles which the service has to offer to developers and consumers alike.

Those who are submitting their titles into Dream.Build.Play need not fret: Microsoft has explicitly stated that DBP eligibility does not affect your options of when and how to release any of your titles. A voting process to determine which titles to promote is still being developed, and requires the input of all of those involved.

We are looking to to release two titles each week starting Monday Aug 22nd continuing through September 12th. At the moment the tentative schedule stands as such:

June 27th – Absolute last day for nominees.
July 4th – Voting begins.
July 18th – Voting ends.
August 1st – Ideally developers will be submitting their game into peer review close to this date.
August 22nd – Promotion begins

If you’d like to submit your title for consideration, please fill out this form, which will publicly display all information here. Feel free to join the active discussion the App Hub forums as well.

For press inquiries and those looking for additional information, please contact me or Kris Steele at Dnvoyles@Gmail.com and Kris@FunInfused.com

*Please note that this is in no way connected to my work at Armless Octopus. For the duration of the Summer Uprising I will be putting my editorial work at Armless Octopus on hold, in order to maintain our journalistic integrity at the highest level.

The press release can be downloaded here.

EDIT: Kris has made a temporary site, along with an easy to read aggregated list of submitted titles here.



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