VorlonJS, ManifoldJS, a new Flight Sim Arcade, asm.js from Microsoft

Flight Arcade

Today at //BUILD Day 2, Microsoft made a number of announcements regarding some tools and games they are working on for the web. Microsoft also announced that new name for our latest browser, Edge, after the new rendering engine, EdgeHTML. I liked that Spartan logo, too.

  • Flight Simulator Arcade (http://flightarcade.com) – Inspired by the original Microsoft Flight Simulator, Flight Arcade is a new web experience that will have you flying in seconds. With the latest web standard technologies – WebGL, WebAudio, GamePad API and more – it shows what’s possible on the new Microsoft Edge, the browser for doing. Yet all the code works great across browsers and devices. Learn how we made Flight Arcade at http://www.flightarcade.com/learn/. Here is a technical tear-down and video on Flight Arcade: http://flightarcade.com/learn


  • ManifoldJS (http://manifoldjs.com) – The simplest way to create hosted apps across platforms and devices. manifoldJS helps you reach more users than ever by packaging your web experience as native apps across Android, iOS, and Windows. Jeff Burtoft, one of the authors behind Manifold, has a far more detailed blog post here. I also put together an in-depth tutorial on creating a Famo.us web app and converting it to mobile with ManifoldJS.

Manifold JS


Hosted Web Apps and Web Platform Innovations from //BUILD

  • VorlonJS (http://vorlonjs.com) – An open source, extensible, platform-agnostic tool for remotely debugging and testing your JavaScript. Powered by node.js and socket.io. Remotely connect up to 50 devices simultaneously. Run your code on each or all of them with a single click. David Catuhe, one of the authors behind Vorlon, has a very detailed blog post on how it works.

I have a video on how to set it up right here:


The real news for me though is asm.js support! This will allow you to run compiled applications inside of the browser. I wrote more about asm (assembly JavaScript) here.

Edge asm support



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