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      • Handmade Hero – programming a C / C++ game from scratch
        • I stumbled across this video series from Casey Muratori, a Seattle-area game programmer. This series if FANTASTIC. He starts with an intro to C / C++ in Visual Studio, then goes into coding the entire game, from scratch. There are 100+ videos online already, and he livestreamed them all on Twitch as he’s worked on it in the last year. Incredible.
      • Ultimate series of Infographics for the Marvel Universe
        • I’ve spent a ton of time looking through these.
      • 7 essential JavaScript functions
        • Very useful functions that David Walsh put together. Folks in the comments also created quite a few too, which you should add to your toolbox.
      • Haxe / OpenFL (flash) for home game consoles
        • Chrome may be putting the kaibash on Flash in the near future, but there’s no reason it can’t continue its life on consoles. One of the developers behind the project, Lars Doucet, has a fantastic writeup on Gamasutra about how they are able to get it working on the current generation of game consoles.
      • 5 talks from VCs in Silicon Valley
        • PreMoney SF is an annual conference about VC and startups in the bay area. The team has put together a series of excellent talks from the last year. I watched several of these, and they give a great overview of the current climate in the bay area for raising funds.
      • The making of Lunar: Eternal Blue Complete
        • I loved this game on the Sega CD as a kid. Apparently they included this documentary in the PS1 upgrade that came out at some point in the mid 90s, and now it is on YouTube.
      • A programming language for games (video)
        • Johnathan Blow (Braid – XBLA), goes through the process of designing a new programming language for games. It’s a great overview of many of the technical parts of creating a language, as well as what some of the most important parts are for game developers.
      • Adobe acquires Mixamo, with plans to integrate its tech into Photoshop
        • Last week Adobe has acquired Mixamo, and has announced plans to integrate the company’s 3D technology directly into Photoshop — to offer its customers easier 3D workflows, as part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite.
      • Startups pitch to Jason Callicanus in SF (video)
        • Jason Calicanus does an Ask Jason / Shark Tank style pitch event in the bay area. I saw some pretty neat startups here (Janus) and also learned a few tips about pitching.
      • Bringing VR to Chrome
        • A developer on the Chrome team illustrates what the process is like for creating VR inside the browser, on his personal blog. Great insights, and excellent overview of the current community, despite being 1 year old.



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