Creating a + Angular Pokemon app

Famous Angular Pokemon
I’ve been working on an application that takes advantage of the marriage between and Angular as of late. It’s a simple mobile app that pulls information from the Pokemon database using their API.

I love high performance JavaScript, and have faith that others will finally come around and understand its true potential someday too. allows you to maintain a silky smooth 60 Frames Per Second while having fluid animations on screen. does this by utilizing the CSS3 primitive -webkit-transform: matrix3d, which lets the framework compute the composite matrix and skip the browser’s renderer. No plug-in, no download, no hack. By appending this to each DIV, developers can render the composite matrix and go straight to the GPU.

I go more in depth when discussing the ins-and-outs of in an earlier blog post. Thanks again to Zack Brown for all of your assistance with this!

Still to do:

GitHub + ReadME



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