Getting started with the Philly startup / tech scene


Jumping into a new tech scene can be a daunting task. When I came from New York, it took me a while to understand which meetups to attend, who I needed to speak to, and specifically what industry the city was known for. A number of these links came from Yuriy Porytko, who gave me the idea to get this started.

Are you new to Philadelphia, or new to the Philadelphia Startup Community?

  • Get involved with Open Access Philly, A network of passionate, engaged and active Philadelphia citizens.
    • Convenes monthly to have discovery and matchmaking sessions with all the involved groups in PHL ( industry, startups, academia, City Departments, students, non-profits, foundations and civic groups ) using technology to build a better community in PHL and maximize the resources here for greater effect
  • NextPlex PHL for all your PHL Tech goings on.
    • Interactive map of events which you can contribute to as well.
  • Looking for how to get your startup funded? Funding Post is a good place to start.

News Philly is a fantastic news source for the startup / tech scene.They recently put together an infographic to give you a lay of the land, too.


If you are a student or startup and need software, free cloud computing (websites, virtual machines, etc.,) or technical assistance, reach out to me for a free BizSpark subscription.

E-mail lists

Philly Startup Leaders is an active list of startups and tech leaders within the city constantly communicating throughout the day. Great way to introduce yourself or to get connected with others.


Join in on the Philly Dev SlackChat



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