How to get started in the tech world

  I gave a talk to computer science students at Temple University last year and recorded the audio. I never got around to creating a video (background image) for it until now. I’ve been asked to come back several times since the first instance that I gave this talk, so I thought it would be…

How to stand out at a career fair at a massive university?

I stumbled across this question in the r/CSCareerQuestions sub reddit which I frequent, and wanted to give my two cents. Here is the post, and below is my answer: I’m a Tech Evangelist at Microsoft,  frequent hackathons at large universities, and work directly with our recruiting teams. These include: Cornell, Georgia Tech, Penn State, UPenn,…


It's Always Sunny at Philly Codefest

I had the pleasure of attending Drexel University’s Philly Codefest this weekend for the second year in a row. Students and professionals had 36 hours to create a project of their choice, then showcase it to a panel of judges. ———————– @DaveVoyles Subscribe to my startup, tech, and game dev newsletter