Tons of video interviews with game devs at PAX East 2016

Amanda Lange (@Second_Truth) and I did a ton of interviews with game developers at PAX East last week. Take a look-see below, and if there is someone I missed, let me know, so I can get them on the Indie Dev Podcast!

I caught up with Justin Amirkhani, one of the developers behind Sometimes Always Monsters, a sequel to 2014’s Always Sometimes Monsters. We discuss RPG Maker, advice for indies who want to showcase at PAX, and experiences as a game developer.

I catch up with Torstein Vien, a programmer at Antagonist, the team behind Through the Woods, a third-person psychological horror experience about how far a mother would go to save her son.

NES game development is alive and well, as Retrotainment games illustrates in this interview with Zachary Curl. Retrotainment games is based out of Pittsburgh, PA, and working on an NES cart which is written in 6502 Assembly — none of that fancy middleware! Their previous title, Haunted Halloween ’85 is already released and can be purchased on their website.

The team currently has a Kickstarter going on for this Haunted Halloween ’86, which is their second NES title in this franchise! 


At PAX East I had a chance to catch up with Gary Porter of Dan and Garry Games about Super Daryl Deluxewhich they launched on Kickstarter some time ago. Even better, they were the winners of 2015’s Imagine Cup in the gaming competition! 

In this episode, we talk with Will Brierly, creator of the soda drinking simulator Soda Drinker Pro. We talk about the long process of creating such an odd game, what it’s like to develop a game within a game, and the journey to Xbox One!

Check out the official trailer for Soda Drinker Pro on YouTube!

In this interview we talked with Ash Monif, one of the creators of Dragon Fin Soup! He talks about the new changes to the game for its upcoming release crossplatform, and what it’s been like porting the game to Windows 10 and Xbox One!

Check out Dragon Fin Soup – Extra Chunky Edition at

We caught up with Ashley Alicea, who works at Unity as an Event Coordinator for the Americas. Even more, Ashley was previously a MSP, or Student Partner, for Microsoft. During the interview they talk about how she got started in game development, how her experience as an MSP assisted with landing a role at Unity, and advice for others looking to get into games.

In this episode, we talk with Jess Floyd, one of the coordinators for the PAX Indie Megabooth! She talks about the Megabooth process, how the Megabooth got started, and how volunteer work turned into a full time job working with games and highlighting the titles that indies are working on!


In this episode, we talk with Chad Moldenhauer of Studio MDHR, the makers of Cuphead! Cuphead is a highly anticipated game coming out for Xbox One with design based on 1930s cartoons. We talk about their inspirations and the process of creating the game!

See the trailer and more at


In this interview Amanda is talking with Colin Dwan, one of the developers of the game Knee Deep! He talks about the game and his team, and what it’s like for a developer to present at a big show like PAX!



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