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    • Great commentary on Conker’s BFD from Rare employees
      • Former devs, writers, and artists are RARE play through Conker’s Bad Fur Day on the N64 and talk about what their experience was like. They cover everything from the SNES days, to what the industry was like 20 years ago, and how things unfolded over time
    • Mike Bithell’s golden rules for interacting with the media
      • Great place to start for developers who have had zero media training but want to work with the media to talk about and promote their titles. It’s very much an art, as you need to know what to say, what not to say, and exactly how to (or not) say those things.
    • Understanding asm.js
      • Asm.js is a high performance subset of JavaScript. Reading a complete guide about asm.js, its goals, and its roadmap is impossible because you’d have to read multiple articles and put them together yourself. This article attempts to wrap up almost everything you need to know about asm.js using a step-by-step guide and real world examples, plus a couple of benchmarks.
    • The top 20 US accelerators
      • Tech Crunch put together a list of the best accelerators for startups to work with in the US. We even have one in Philadelphia!
    • Understanding ECMAscript 6 – Class and Inheritance
      • David Catuhe is a Principal PM on the TED teach at Microsoft (the sibling group that I work for, but on a corporate level) and also one of the creators of Babylon.js. He put together an article about some upcoming features in the latest version of JavaScript.


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