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In the past, I’ve been posting that week’s newsletter on here nearly immediately after it went out to your emails. What I’ve decided to do recently was send out the newsletter every TWO weeks instead of each week, and now post this once a month, thereby combining the newsletters.

I have had a nice couple of weeks without too much work, as I frequently save all of my vacation until the end of the year, like the knucklehead that I am. Fortunately, I bought a PS4 to hold me over, so I’ve been playing Until Dawn (LOVED IT), The Order: 1886 (Liked it), and a crazy amount of Heroes of the Storm. Also started making a tiny project in Unreal Engine 4. What have you been doing?
  • Coming of age with video games
    • One of the most profound effects that a novel can have on the young mind is to reveal a harrowing truth: your life is not the axis on which the world spins. In the pages of a book, you meet people who, incredibly, do not think, act, or live like you, and who, in contrast to those around you in real life, are not there to meet your every need. A video game’s effect is quite the opposite: it offers a world built entirely around the whims of its player. Suddenly and irresistibly, you are able to choose what kind of car you’d like to drive, how to spend your money, what clothes to wear, and whose head you’d like to stomp upon. In video games, children are allowed an element of practical agency that is otherwise unknown within the usual sensible and stifling parameters of childhood.



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