I spoke about WebGL on David Giard's video podcast

David Giard webGL podcast

You can find the video here. 

My peer in Chicago, David Giard, has a video podcast called “Technology and Friends”. During the MVP Open Days event in Philadelphia a few weeks ago, I had a chance to hop on and talk about WebGL, in addition to that, we cover asm.js, and how middleware tools like Unity and Unreal Engine are using asm to allow their applications to run in the browser.

ASM support IE April 15

Currently only Firefox has support for asm, but IE and Spartan have the techonlogy in development. You can alawys find the latest status on status.modern.ie. 

You can see that WebGL however, is growing in support among the major browsers.

WebGL support April 15

Here are links to some of the content I mentioned in the video:



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